2020-11-22 Jake Robersfinishes moving input groups over master
2020-11-19 Jake Roberssplits email, phone, text input groups
2020-11-14 Jake Robersmoves DateInputGroup to its own file
2020-11-09 Jake Robersrefactors stuff into classes refactor
2020-10-31 Jake Robersreindents with two spaces
2020-10-31 Jake Robersremoves debug
2020-10-30 Jake Robersremoves warnings
2020-10-29 Jake Robersfixes pet description
2020-10-29 Jake Robersadds another form field
2020-10-19 Jake Robersadds some todo items
2020-10-19 Jake Robersfixes import
2020-10-19 Jake Robersfixes gitignore
2020-10-19 Jake Robersremoves phpmailer
2020-10-09 Jake Robersadds composer
2020-10-09 Jake Robersinitial commit
2020-09-24 Jake RobersInitial commit